CIM Profile Creator for Gravity Forms


This plugin integrates your Gravity Form with your account Customer Information Manager (CIM Profile) functionality. It does not charge the customer! This only attempts to create a CIM profile for future use. It is configurable. Please see additional details below.

Product Description

Create a Customer Information Manager profile (CIM Profile) through

  • Upload the CIM Profile plugin and activate.
  • Enter your settings in Forms>Settings>CIM Profile
  • Create a Feed in your form mapping your form fields to any required fields in your form that you want sent to (See your form’s individual CIM Profile Settings). You can map address, email, description and customer id fields to send to This step sounds hard but it is super easy. Just matching up the fields in simple terms.
  • Choose to validate the card or not in Live Mode (billing fields required for validation). If you want to make sure the card is valid before storing the data, you can.
  • Choose whether to fail the form if the profile creation fails or allow the form to submit anyway.
  • Select a condition if applicable (for example if you have a checkbox to ‘Save my card profile’ and it is checked, process the feed).
  • Use alone or in addition to other payment addon feeds. Works with the Gravity Forms Addon and our   GF eCheck Addon
  • This plugin does not charge the customer. It only creates a profile. To charge the customer, purchase the CIM Payment Plugin instead.

Version 2.0.2

Requires a minimum of Gravity Forms 1.9.12
Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.x and WordPress 5.x
Purchase is for single site license and 12 months of support

IMPORTANT: You must have the Customer Information Manager functionality set up through
see their documentation at

(Should you wish to integrate with the Gravity Forms eCheck Plugin, you will also need ACH processing enabled.)

This plugin integrates your Gravity Form with your account Customer Information Manager (CIM Profile) functionality. It does not charge the customer! This only attempts to create a CIM profile for future use. You can charge against the CIM Profile later through your account or have a developer design a custom solution for your site to allow users to choose their CIM for payment. The Profile ID is noted in each form entry in a yellow note box. The plugin operates as a Gravity Forms Feed Addon so creates a settings page where you can map the plugin to your form fields. And you can conditionally use the plugin depending upon the users choices. (See Gravity Forms Conditional Logic for more information on how that works.)

The plugin is built upon a very stable platform (Gravity Forms Feed Addon) so should work for a long time. But I actively develop as needed and will make new versions available after the 12 month window at a reduced price.

Content of the plugin ReadMe.txt file located in your plugin:


1. Unzip gf-cim-profile in your plugins folder or use the WP Plugin installer
2. Activate plugin (Gravity Forms must be activated as well for GF-CIM-Profile to work)
3. Add credentials in Form>Settings>CIM Profile
4. (Optional) Turn on debugging for tests but be sure to turn it off for production
5. Create a feed in each Form you wish to use the plugin.
6. Map your form fields to the fields sent to They are optional for Test mode (not if Live Mode is checked). will match an existing profile on a combination of customer ID, description and email address in that order. If you do not map a Customer ID or Description field in your form, then will match on the email address.
You can use the Entry Date mapping for your description to always create a unique entry and try to force a CIM profile creation.
If a match is found, a new profile will not be created, even if it is a new credit card. The Profile Id will be in the note.
7. Choose whether to test the validity of the card. The address and email field mapping is required for Live Mode.
8. Select whether to invalidate the form if the CIM profile creation fails. If ‘No’ is chosen, there will be a note in the entry but the submittal will not be rejected upon failure.
If the first ‘Yes’ is chosen and a profile already exists for the user CustomerID/email combo, there will be a note in the entry, but the submittal will not fail.
9. Please visit the Gravity Forms site for information about standard Feed behavior like conditional processing.
10. If a profile is created or a duplicate profile found (using customer id or email), a note will be in your form entry data with the CIM Profile ID. Otherwise there will be a message.
11. If you update from PHP 5.4.x to PHP 5.5.x or higher, you will need to reenter and save your Serial Key in Settings. The same key works but is managed differently between versions.
12. To only create a profile but not charge your user, do not set up a payment feed on your form. Only set up a CIM Profile feed. They will enter card (or check if using the eCheck plugin) data and the payment information will be used by this plugin but not sent for payment processing.

There are no hooks in this plugin. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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