eCheck for Gravity Forms


Add the ability to pay with a check on your Gravity Form through eCheck. Easy setup. Plays well with others.

Product Description

Add the ability to pay with a check on your Gravity Form through eCheck. Plug n play functionality.

Version 1.10.0
Works with Gravity Forms Product and Subscription fields.
Requires a minimum of Gravity Forms 1.9
Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.4.x and WordPress 5.2.x
Requires PHP version 5.4 or greater
Last update: 08/06/2019
Purchase is for single site license only
13 downloads and 12 month window for your download link(this allows for 12 months of update protection)

This plugin will work with or without the credit card processing Gravity Forms addon. If you use a credit card addon with this plugin, you should have a conditional field set up for the feeds or the validation will be unpredictable (both feeds will try to run). Please read more in the readme.txt or about conditional fields at

You must have the ability to process checks online through see their documentation at

Try it out on our test payment form

Content of the plugin ReadMe.txt file located in your plugin:

Upload the eCheck plugin and activate.
Enter your settings in Forms>Settings>eCheck
Add the newly available echeck form field to your form (Advanced fields block)
Select a condition if applicable (for example if you have a radio button called ‘Payment Method’ and ‘Pay by check’ is checked, show the echeck fields). If the echeck fields are displayed to your customer, they are required. So you must conditionally show them if you also display a credit card field.
Create a Feed mapping your echeck field and other form fields to any additional required fields in your form that you want sent to

Available hooks in the plugin:

$subscription is an Subscription object.

$subscription = apply_filters( 'gf_echeck_subscription_pre_create', $subscription, $submission_data, $feed, $form, $entry );

$transaction is an AIM object

$transaction = apply_filters( 'gf_echeck_transaction_pre_capture', $transaction, $submission_data, $form, $entry );

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