Bulk Edit the Creator for Gravity Forms


This plugin adds the ability to bulk edit the creator of gravity forms entries en masse.

Product Description

Bulk edit the creator of gravity forms entries.

There are times when you need to change the creator of multiple entries. In native Gravity Forms, it is only possible if you open and edit individual entries one at a time. This plugin allows you to bulk edit the creator using the bulk edit drop down and a drop down of users so you may select a new creator and update multiple entries at one time.
There are filters that allow you to change the verbiage in case the creator is called something else like ‘Author’ or ‘Manager’.

add_filter('az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-label', 'change_creator_label');

function change_creator_label($label){
   return 'Change Manager';
add_filter('az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-term', 'change_creator_term');

function change_creator_term($term){
   return 'manager';

There is a filter to modify the user drop down
Example: Only show Managers in the dropdown
This filter uses the same defaults as get_users($args). See https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_users

add_filter('az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-term', 'filter_user_dropdown');

function filter_user_dropdown($args){
   $args['role__in'] = ['manager'];
   return $args;

The entry is stamped with a note indicating who changed the creator, who the previous creator was before the change and when the change was made.

Version 2.0
Compatible with GF 1.9.12 and later
Compatible with latest version of WordPress 5.x
Requires PHP version 5.4 or greater (contact me if you are unsure)
Last updated 07/11/2018

Please use any text editor (like notepad) to open the readme.txt file located in your plugin for additional information.

Available hooks in the plugin:

After successfully changing an entry:


Dropdown arguments:

$args = apply_filters( 'az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-args', ['orderby' => 'display_name'] );
$id = apply_filters( 'az-gf-user-value', $user->ID );
$text = apply_filters( 'az-gf-user-text', $user->display_name );
$options = apply_filters( 'az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-choices', $options );
$term = apply_filters( 'az-gf-bulk-edit-creator-term', 'creator' );

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