eTapestry Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms


Process payments or donations on your Wordpress website using Gravity Forms and the eTapestry Payment Plugin. Creates a payment and registers a gift through your existing eTapestry account.

Product Description

Process website donations using your eTapestry payment processor from your WordPress Gravity Form with a plugin!

  • This is a payment gateway that uses your Blackbaud / eTapestry payment processor linked to your eTapestry account
  • Create accounts or find existing accounts
  • Automatically adds a gift after successful payments
  • Set Fund, Campaign, Approach and Letter
  • Process one time or recurring gifts (subscriptions)

Version 4.7.2
Requires a minimum of Gravity Forms 1.9.12
Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.4.x and WordPress 5.x
Purchase is for single site license and 12 months of support

  • Install your eTapestry Payment Plugin and enter your eTapestry login and password credentials in Forms>Settings>eTapestry Payment. (You may use the legacy login credentials or the new recommended API credentials found in your eTapestry account.)
  • Then create a new eTapestry Payment feed in the form you’d like to integrate.
  • Select your Fund (required although you can map it to a required user selection), Campaign and or Approach and Letter, and map other form fields to the plugin like address and email.
  • Set if you want to allow for an email only match when searching for existing accounts.
  • For subscriptions you can choose manual or automatic processing (if auto is set up on your eTapestry account).
  • The plugin uses the Cardholder name field for the eTapestry Account Name unless you specify a Gravity Form Name field.

This plugin integrates with your eTapestry account to pull your information into the settings fields so you can select parameters (like your Fund) just like you were on eTapestry. Please make sure you have asked for API access from eTapestry as it isn’t automatic!

Choose conditionally whether to process as a recurring or one time gift depending on user choices! See Gravity Forms documentation on conditional fields for more information on how that works. Here is one example they provide

Bonus features:

  • The User may select the fund.
  • Allows for blacklisting IP Addresses through Blackbaud. (You can disable through a filter documented in the readme.txt file in your plugin.)
  • Choose your login method (new API login or Legacy user login).
  • Filters and actions for custom modifications

Need more mapping? The powerful eTapestry Mapping Plugin allows for account, gift or contact creation and user defined field mapping. It works with the eTapestry Payment Plugin as well as other popular payment gateway plugins (, PayPal, Stripe, etc) or no payment at all.

Need all of the above for the most flexibility in integrating all of your Gravity Forms with eTapestry? Get a  $50 discount by purchasing both the Mapping and Payment plugins at full price. Use coupon code ‘bundle’ at checkout.

This plugin will continue to function after your download window has expired as long as the site url and serial key are not changed.

If you are experiencing issues, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions as other may have had the same question which has already been answered. All support issues are resolved quickly.

You may also want to check out my youtube channel for videos on setting up custom eTapestry forms on your WordPress site.

Content of the plugin ReadMe.txt file located in your plugin:

Please view the readme.txt file in your plugin for documentation.
If you are using non us addresses, you will need to filter your address fields.
eTapestry has differing address requirements. Please visit to view the allowed address fields by country.

Here is an example of modifications required for Australia:

Filter example (place in functions.php)
add_filter(‘eTapMapping_donor’,’my_modify_donor_fields’,10,3); // for Mapping plugin
add_filter(‘eTapPayment_donor’,’my_modify_donor_fields’,10,3); // for Payment plugin
* Change city to suburb for AU residents
* @param array $donor
* @param array $data
* @param array $feed
* @return array modified $donor
function my_modify_donor_fields($donor,$data,$feed){
// change city to suburb for AU
if (!empty($donor[‘city’]) && $donor[‘country’] == ‘AU’){
$donor[“suburb”] = $donor[‘city’] ;
return $donor;

Available hooks in the plugin:

Account found or created ‘eTapPayment_donor_account’
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_persona_type’,”Personal”,$entry,$feed);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_name_format’,1,$donor,$entry,$feed);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_donor_add’, $donor, $submission_data, $feed, $entry);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_donor’,$donor,$submission_data,$feed);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_default_country’,’US’);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_pre_process_gift_issue’, false, $tran, $this->nsc, $feed, $submission_data, $entry);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_IP_issue_msg’, $issue );
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_transaction’, $tran, $feed, $submission_data, $entry) ;
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_sendIP’, true ) ;
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_subscription_transaction’, $tran, $form, $submission_data, $feed);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_send_card_type’, false ) ;
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_method’,’addAndProcessGift’, $tran);
apply_filters( ‘eTapPayment_field’, $field, $this->get_current_feed());

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