eTapestry Mapping Plugin for Gravity Forms


Integrate Gravity Forms with your eTapestry account and map your User Defined Fields. Creates gifts, contacts and/or accounts.

  • Works with or without a separate payment gateway (PayPal,, Stripe, eTapestry, and more)
  • Create accounts
  • Check for duplicate accounts
  • Add gifts or contacts with User Defined Fields
  • Set Fund, Campaign, Approach and Letter

Product Description

Integrate Gravity Forms with your eTapestry account and map your User Defined Fields using an eTapestry plugin for WordPress.

  • Works with or without a separate payment gateway (PayPal,, Stripe, eTapestry, and more)
  • Create accounts
  • Check for duplicate accounts
  • Add gifts with User Defined Fields
  • Set Fund, Campaign, Approach and Letter

Version 2.4.0
Requires a minimum of Gravity Forms 1.9.12
Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.4.x and WordPress 5.x
Purchase is for single site license

Your download link will be available immediately upon payment and emailed to you for later use
13 downloads and 1 year window for your download link (this allows for 12 months of update protection)

Download, install and activate plugin and enter your eTapestry credentials in Forms>Settings>eTapestry Mapping. ( You may use the new API Database login credentials or the Legacy user login. ) Then create a new eTapestry Mapping feed in each form you’d like to integrate. If your credentials are valid, your user defined fields (UDF) will populate automatically in the mapping section of the feed. Select any UDF you would like to map to your form fields and ignore the rest. Please make sure you have asked for API access from eTapestry as it isn’t automatic!

If you need to also process payments through eTapestry, you will need the eTapestry Payment PluginPurchase both the Payment and Mapping plugins and receive $50 off! Use coupon code ‘bundle’ during checkout.

This plugin will continue to work after the update period has expired as long as it remains on the same licensed site url.

You may want to visit our youtube channel for how to videos on setting up your plugin and mapping your fields.

New to eTapestry? eTapestry has a YouTube channel for basic familiarization with their platform. My plugin does a lot of this work for you but it helps to know where to find things in eTapestry.

Content of the plugin ReadMe.txt file located in your plugin:

1. Upload the plugin via WordPress plugin dashboard or ftp into the plugins folder
2. Activate
3. Enter your serial key and etapestry credentials in Forms>Settings>eTapestry Mapping. Credentials are your login id and password you use to access your etapestry account. Note you can create api specific credentials in etapestry.
4. Open your form you wish to integrate and go to the Form>Settings>eTapestry Mapping to create a feed.
5. Match individual address fields to each dropdown provided
6. Set your transaction type. An account or contact/journal entry may be created without a payment. A gift requires a payment processor feed (GF eCheck or Gravity Forms for example) to process the payment and if successful, a gift will be processed.
7. Choosing ‘gift’ type requires a Fund. Campaign, Approach and Letter are optional. If you do not see your etapestry Funds in the dropdown, there is an issue connecting. Check your credentials are correct and that you have the API enabled with eTapestry.
8. For Contact and Gift transaction types, the plugin retrieves your data from etapestry and offers field mapping and hints in the tooltip (?) for how to create the choices in gravity forms. If the tooltip specifies an answer set and the form results don’t match your eTapestry account choices EXACTLY, the transaction will fail. So please test this! Note the default etapestry phone type is ‘Voice’ and that is what we use. To modify, use the filter hook ‘eTapMapping_phone_type’ and return the type you wish (ie return ‘Home’).
9. If you wish to map your eTapestry ID to your Entry record and have it sent in your notifications, you should choose After eTapestry Mapping as the notification event.
10. Results are noted in each entry in a yellow box. Turn on Logging to view more information. NOTE: If you do not see your etapestry account results in notes, be certain your api version is correct (v2 or v3 in the url).
11. If you run the plugin feed as a ‘Gift’ simultaneously with the eTapestry Payment Plugin, the mapping plugin settings will update the gift created at time of payment. If there is a conflict in field values (like different Funds for example) the Mapping plugin settings will override the Payment plugin settings as it comes last.
12. If you update from PHP 5.4.x to PHP 5.5.x or higher, you will need to reenter and save your Serial Key in Settings. The same key works but is managed differently between versions.
13. If you have a User Defined Field assigned to multiple categories (for example Constituent and Gift), the broadest category will be updated.

Available hooks in the plugin:

Hooks available for developers to extend the plugin:
apply_filters(‘eTapMapping_defined_values’, $defined_values, $entry, $feed);
apply_filters(‘eTapMapping_gift_transaction’, $tran, $entry, $feed);
apply_filters(‘eTapMapping_update_gift’,array_merge($existing_gift, $tran),$existing_gift, $tran);
apply_filters(‘eTapMapping_donor_add’, $this->donor, $entry, $form);
apply_filters(‘eTapMapping_donor’, $this->donor, $entry, $form, $feed);

// account found or created
//$this->nsc is the soap object

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